Latest Pictures Of Jill Duggar’s Husband Has People Worried Sick About Their Health!

Fans of Counting and Diehard 19 have been concerned of late about the health of Derick Dilard’s health, and going by their latest family photographs, they are right to do so.

Jill and Derick Dilard have been conducting missionary work in Central America for about a year, and they have their infant son Israel with them as well.

While there is no denying the fact that helping others in a foreign country can sap a lot of energy from you, but it has become evident that it has been extremely hard on Derick than anybody else on the journey.


In the latest photographs, it scenes like Derick lost a humongous amount of weight and hair from the scalp as well.

There are many fans from the show that seem to be extremely worried about the health of Derick and how it might be caused by the infamous Zika virus, which is running uncontrolled throughout Central America.

“Derick does not look very good “mentioned one fan in the comment section on the family photo. “I hope that he is not ill. Every other photo only seems to be making him look worse…”

“Derick seems like he has lost a lot of weight,” commented another. “His pictures have become extremely disturbing to look.”

“Derick seems to look extremely sick as well as undernourished. His hair falling seems to be to be a result of it” wrote another concern fan. “Please try and take care of each other.”

There are others who have suggested that the obvious weight loss by Derick could be due to his strict religious beliefs.

“Derick happens to be a person very involved in missions” one person commented. “He seems to be doing a lot of fasting.. It is a biblical practice which is to be done by many questions, but most do not follow.”

There are many that think that the weight loss has to do with the surgeries in the jaw that he had to undertake the previous year which makes it very difficult for him eat food.

Jill took to addressing the concerns of their fans in the latest blog post.

She commented “We do not take our health for granted, especially when we are on a mission in another country and in proximity of an environment we are not used to. Derick and I have been healthy people generally, but when you happen to be eating in a different environment and in a different place from which you grow up on, it is more than likely that you would be down with some type of bacteria or virus in this local jungle.”

“ No, we have not had any kind of Zika virus, but we ever had to take a few days rest here and there, but not at the same time. Israel happened to be sick last week, and although initially it was thought to be due to a virus, thankfully, it was not.”

Due to the health concerns of the family, the Diliards may have to return home to our Arkansas for a short while.

Jill wrote “we are expecting to return home for a short while. It has been over a year since we have started working in Central America, and about 10 months since we have been to the United States. We are looking forward to meeting up with the family and plan on taking some Bible classes and also being involved with the local ministry there.”

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