Bride-To-Be Knew Her Fiancé Was Cheating On Her – But She Deliberately Waited Until Their Big Day To Get Revenge

Lesly felt that her fiancé, Dave, was cheating on her. He was seeing a colleague from work for a while and was pretty secretive about it. Lesly figured it out, since Dave always fall asleep early while his colleague would text him.

Lesley thought he should been more careful with his phone, she could have ended things, but she waited for the right moment to seek revenge.  Their wedding day, which was scheduled in two months’ time.

Read on to find out her genius plan!

Lesly’s doubts began a couple of months back. Every week Lesly and Dave would have a date night on Tuesdays at the movies, or dinner. 

However one evening things didn’t go as expected. Dave received a mysterious phone call right before they were about to go out. He told Lesly he had to go to the office straight away.

That was the end of date night, although annoyed Lesly understood that emergencies were part of his job. However, she didn’t realise he had other plans, besides work…

Dave still wasn’t home from work by 2am. She wondered what could be so important to keep him this long.

Lesly dialled his number, but it went straight to voicemail.  She tried his work phone as well, but nothing.

Eventually, she fell asleep. The following morning, she found her Dave asleep on the couch. He still had his clothes on and told her he didn’t want to wake her.  She thought he had a strange smell about him…

Initially she didn’t think too much about it however it was clearly a feminine perfume scent. Of course, he may have worked hard and sat right next to a female colleague. 

A few days later work called again with the same problem. Lesly began to get a little suspicious. Dave had to work overtime almost every day, Lesly could never seem to reach him on his phone. 

She was suspicious that he was hiding something and so she began investigating. While he was at work one day, she turned the whole house upside down. 

Looking in drawers, under the bed, and she even disassembled his toolbox. But found nothing. 

Lesly questioned Dave, but he always had the same answer. “Sorry, honey, it’s just been really busy at work lately.”

However she didn’t believe him, finally there was a breakthrough. 

Dave slept in the same bed with her but in the middle of the night, his phone received a text message…

Her hand quickly reached for his bedside table and she unlocked his phone and read the message. It was a woman called Emma. Who Lesly had never heard him mention before. She read the content

It had all started about 3 weeks before. It was indeed a colleague of his and she was new at work. The content of the messages spoke volumes…

She lured him to the office every time. There were words like ‘sweetheart’ and ‘I miss you’ all over their conversations. 

And when she read, “Hey there my strong bear, is your wife asleep yet? Hurry up and come over.

Lesly knew her husband-to-be was cheating on her with a colleague. How could he do this they were getting married in two months!

Lesly was tempted to wake her boyfriend up and confront him.

However, she had other plans in mind for her cheating boyfriend which were much worse than a simple confrontation…

She came up with a plan that her future ex-fiancé wouldn’t easily forget. She told her friends about Dave cheating first. 

I’d dump him right now and cancel the wedding!” they all said.

Lesly didn’t want to listen as she had a much better plan in mind. 

“The wedding must and will go on, but not because I love him. He’ll pay for what he’s done and this is how…

She whispered something in her friends ears…

Lesly put on her dress the day of the wedding she felt more like a disguise than an actual wedding dress. 

She acted like nothing was wrong. Her makeup was perfect, she spoke with people and was escorted to the altar by her father. 

The ceremony was outside. The family  sat on either side of the white carpet and at the end was her fiancé…

They stood face-to-face and the minister began to make his speech.

He handed the microphone to Dave after 5 minutes, who said he had been looking forward to this moment for a long time and he promised her eternal loyalty.

Lesly wasn’t going to believe those lies, her turn to talk was next.

She took the microphone and turned to their wedding guests. It looked like she was about to say her vows, but she had different plans. 

She informed her family and friends she was wrong about Dave and called him a dirty cheat. 

Everyone looked amazed at the angry bride as Dave tried to grab her hand. Lesly pushed his hand away…and picked up a cell phone!

Lesly read the whole conversation between former fiancé and his co-worker to everyone in the audience.

Dave tried to take the phone away from her, but Lesly’s best friend, standing next to Dave as a bridesmaid, kept him at arm’s length. 

All the embarrassing things they had said to one another finally came out and both families looked at Dave in horror. 

Once Lesly had finished her speech, Dave ran down the aisle. He was humiliated and couldn’t face his family. 

Finally, Lesly grabbed the microphone one more time with an important message…

She thanked everyone for coming and told them she wasn’t sad about the situation. 

I’d rather be alone and honest than live a lie together.”

Lesly then raised the glass and said. “While we’re here together, let’s party. Here’s to honesty!”

Lesly was happily single for two years until she found her true love. She is now married to a handsome and charming man, who means the world to her. An honest man.

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