Kirstie Alley’s Weight journey Is An Inspiration To All Women

Let’s admit that staying in shape requires so much effort by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. 

Often this becomes difficult to achieve when you have a hectic life and busy routines.

One person who is familiar with this, is sixty nine year old award-winning actress Kirstie Alley.

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Kirstie Alley is well known for her role as Rebecca Howe in the sitcom Cheers.

However over the years Alley has received attention for being so open and honest about her weight.

Kirstie has battled with weight which has been such a dollar coaster for her to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

As a result so many people can relate to her because they know exactly how difficult it can be to maintain a  comfortable weight.

Kirstie had no weight problems youngster but then like us all things change.

In 2018, Kirstie mentions, ”I spent my whole life thin, then one summer I probably gained around 40 or 50 pounds.”

During an interview with Oprah in 2004, Kirstie opened up when she realized she had gone up in weight.

Honestly, I didn’t know how fat I was,” she said. “Thanks to the tabloids, I went, ‘Damn, girl, you’re fat!’”.

Maybe it was that moment that gave her an idea for her new comedy series.

One year after that interview with Oprah, Fat Actress premiered.

Kirstie had the lead role where the series centred around an actress in Hollywood whose weight loss is the subject of every tabloid imaginable.

”I think women across the country will identify with her,” co-creator Brenda Hampton said.

It’s difficult to lose weight and find a relationship, no matter where you live. It makes it all the more painful when you’re in the spotlight.”

Although the series only aired for one season Kirstie’s weight problems continued. 

The main issue for Kirstie was she just ate whatever she wanted especially since we all have cravings for foods full of sugar or salt.

However she couldn’t control herself and her weight was out of control.

It’s not in my nature to plan,” Kirstie mentioned back in 2016 “I’m a very spontaneous person, and that’s how I got fat.”

She reached out to Jenny Craig, for help and things began to change for her.

Kirstie managed to find a balance and lost weight gradually over a three year period. In 2007 she went on to become a spokesperson for Jenny Craig after losing 75 pounds.

According to a source, while Kirstie was cast for Dancing With The Stars in 2011, she gained weight.

Following the competition, Kirstie dropped over 100 pounds in weight again as she worked extremely hard to achieve success on the dance floor. Kirstie and her partner Maksim Chmerkovsky finished in second place.

Unfortunately, there was speculation that Kirstie had wither starved herself or went under the knife to get in shape for the program.

Kirstie decided to respond to the haters on Twitter:

NO surgery, NO flippin lasers, NO barfing, NO starving … Jeez … my products, organic food, dance,” she tweeted a few months after she wrapped the show.

Kirstie returned to Jenny Craig’s program in 2014 after a long gap.

In 2014, she spoke to Women’s Health and said:

It’s so important for women to look the way they want to look and feel the way they want to feel for their own reasons, not because someone’s telling them to or because it’s fashionable or trendy.”

“Losing weight is losing weight, but just because you’re skinny does not mean you’re happy. “

Her second stay with Jenny Craig meant that Kirstie lost 50 pounds and her focus changed entirely.

Instead of constantly trying to lose weight, she wanted to find a way to maintain her current weight and avoid fluctuations and managed to avoid sweets and junk food.

Keep scroll to see her recent transformation after losing 100lbs.

But it was the holidays that had previously turned into week-long orgies of food and desserts for Kirstie.

“I’m much more disciplined,” she told the magazine.

I love sugar cookies that are frosted with Santa’s faces and trees, so I did not order any and I did not have any. My friends were dismayed because I usually give them out as gifts.”

Last year Kirstie was sadly diagnosed with Lyme disease which has made it even more challenging to maintain a healthy weight. 

I know when I’m on the thinner side, I love the way I feel. I have more energy,” she mentions in a podcast with The Dan Wootton.

However she is more than willing to do what it takes and the results speak for themselves.

Kirstie has really gone through a lot during her weight loss journey and continues to inspire us all. 

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