Kate Middleton looks at a small boy in the crowd, after 3 seconds she realizes something is seriously wrong

The motherly instinct in us can be very adept no matter if the “to do” list is a mile long, if you’re short on time or if the weather outside is atrocious. No matter what the circumstances, motherly intuition never fails to shine through – not even for the highest level of royalty.

Once you become a mom, you are always a mom.

You need only ask Kate Middleton – who after her recent heat warming gesture towards a young boy, is now being praised all over the world.

Kate Middleton and Prince William had their first child back in 2013 when Kate gave birth to little Prince George. Not long after in May 2015, Kate and William welcomed Princess Charlotte into the world.

As parents, there is no doubt that William and Kate put their children’s well being before anything else in their lives.

Earlier this week as the couple paid a royal visit to an industrial area in Coventry, UK, Kate proved how strong her motherly instincts are.

The town was bustling as they awaited the arrival of William and Kate. A massive crowd had gathered to greet the royal couple on their arrival. Schools had closed for the special occasion to allow children attend the special visit and the crowd was full of young school children.

The crowd braved the cold, icy conditions just to be able to catch a glimpse or perhaps even greet Prince William and Kate!

When the royal couple finally arrived, they made their way through the crowds to meet and greet the people. As they made their way along, a young boy in the crowd caught Kate’s attention.

The young boy looked unwell and was very pale in the face.

Without any hesitation, Kate’s motherly instincts kicked in.

The Duchess approached the young boy, and asked him in a soft voice if he was OK.

The young boy who’s name was Craig Skipper, informed Kate that he had waited for hours in the cold to see them. The cold weather had obviously taken its toll on the young 10-year-old boy.

Kate chatted with the young boy for a while and wanted to make sure he was OK. She even instructed her bodyguards to fetch a paper bag, just in case the young boy needed to be sick.

“It was lovely of her. She really took time with him. You can tell she is a mom and has got that caring side,” says Carole Flynn who works at the boy’s school.

William also displayed his parental skills that day in Coventry. When he spotted a little girl in tears he immediately stopped and approached the girl to see what was wrong. It was not long before he calmed the little girl down and then asked her if she would like him to go and buy her a hot chocolate.

“They didn’t seem like people who are too busy for other people,” said 9 year old Mia Ramin.

I totally agree with that statement!

It makes me very happy to read a story like this. Both Prince William and Kate showed no matter how busy they are, they always have time for children!

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