Kate Middleton’s Coat Sparks Huge Controversy On Twitter

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is famous for her fashion, along with being a fantastic mother and wife.

Since Kate Middleton married Prince William, she is renowned for her fashion. Fans eagerly wait to see what outfit she will wear to major events.

Kate recently sparked controversy online with her Remembrance Day outfit.

It’s no surprise that all of Kate’s clothes sell out.

Kate wouldn’t normally be regarded as going for controversial outfits.

Kate has all eyes on her constantly.

The Royal Remembrance Sunday Service became a source of drama for numerous other reasons.

The Royal family faced backlash for not having a wreath placed on behalf of Prince Harry, who served in the Army for 10 years.

Harry made a request for a wreath of poppies be laid at the national memorial in his honor.

Apparently palace officials decided Harry would not have his wreath added due to the fact that he is no longer a working member of the institution.

It is reported that Harry was “saddened and disappointed” that his family did not honor his wishes.

Harry “understands that he doesn’t have the same formal role in the family as he used to. But he was saddened and disappointed by the decision.”

Harry and Meghan paid tribute at the graves of two fallen soldiers who fought for Commonwealth armed forces. They both used flowers which were picked from their own garden.

The controversy didn’t end there. Take a look at the coat worn by the Duchess of Cambridge at the Sunday Service:

The coat deisgned by Catherine Walker is magnificent with its tassels and paired with the hat! Very trendy.

Kate joined the Queen and Camilla, to watch the annual memorial. It was the first time Prince Philip had not attended that ceremony.

However, rather than leave respectful comments a debate began on Twitter about Kate’s Remembrance Sunday coat for those who dedicated their lives to serving their country.

Catherine’s coat is far too overdone, tasselled [sic] shoulders, all those buttons, high military neck. Just doesn’t suit her and looks like a costume rather than respect,” @BinaSkywalker remarked.

Totally agree. Far too militaristic for someone who has barely worked a day in her life,”@MrsRuthyBrady stated.

Others began questioning how much the designer coat cost? A Google search suggest a couple thousand dollars.

“Wouldn’t the money for that have been better used to house homeless veterans and she stay home,” questioned @louiseleelee.

Many royal fans defended their duchess on Twtitter.

Her coat is very beautiful. Suits the occasion but each to their own. Time to be nice about these guys. We are all copping it tough and should say good things or keep quiet,” @HeatherAMASTS responded.

Seriously, is the dress what this ceremony is about?” @julierebelp pointed out.

Some felt more neutral about her coat — “I hate the fringed epaulets but otherwise love it!” @vshaffer257 commented.

Many royal fans were obsessed with Kate’s fashion choice.

Look at the duchess oh my God so fierce!!!” @pinnockcrf gasped.

It appears many people were obsessed with her coat and viewed nothing wrong with it.

Her coat is not offensive but quiet fashionable.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Kate’s coat?

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