Jennifer Lawrence Says Hurricane Harvey And Irma Are Mother Nature’s Revenge On Trump

Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence today made the claim that Hurricane Irma and Harvey are Mother Nature getting revenge on President Trump and the people who voted for him.

The actress is putting the blame firmly on Trump and his supporters who are skeptical about man made Climate Change and Global Warming.

“You know you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard especially while promoting this movie , not to feel Mother Nature’s wrath”, the actress said.

Lawrence then claimed she’s no longer familiar with America and the current outlook of the country since Trump’s election and when asked by the Channel 4 interviewer “Do you find President Trump confusing?”

She replied, “I don’t find him confusing, i know exactly WHAT he is” whilst appearing to smirk.

The actress then faced an angry backlash on Social Media with Trump supporters laying in to her and suggesting a boycott of her new movie.

Can President Trump really be blamed for something out of his control?

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