Jennifer Aniston Attacked for ‘Sick’ Christmas Tree Decoration

Jennifer Aniston once in a while winds up in steaming hot water yet she’s simply sacked herself a single direction pass to debate city.

In what manner or capacity? Well bird looked at watchers saw something on her Christmas tree and individuals are truly unsettled about it.

Continue looking to look at it.

Jennifer Aniston is in trouble.

People are not happy with her because of her Christmas tree

Or then again more explicitly an adornment holding tight the tree.

Yet, first how about we recap.

She has always been Americas biggest sweetheart

She grew up with her mom…

Her folks separated from when she was 9 and with her father chipping away at the theatre acting.

Jennifer landed her first role in 1987

For most part of her career she took on very small roles.

But then she really struck gold when she got chosen to act in Friends.

She also starred in other movies over the years.

She was very big in some major rom-coms.

But friends was her biggest role.

She was also cast in The Morning Show

She actually won a SAG award for her role.

Over the years she has managed to build a huge following.

She actually once crashed the Instagram app with a photo she uploaded that got over 5 million likes in record time.

Her Instagram account gives us a peek into the life of Jennifer

She is the proud owner of 2 dogs

She sometimes shares pictures of her hunky husband too.

But now things are not looking so positive for Jennifer after a recent post she made went viral for all the wrong reasons.

She posted this picture which fans were not happy with.

Do you think fans were right to be angry?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section and share this article with family and friends!

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