Jealous Boyfriend Thought He Had Killed His Ex-Girlfriend. With Her Final Breath, She Got Her Revenge

Twenty-three-year-old mother Amanda (Mandi) Mangas was ready to start the next chapter of her life after recently getting out of an abusive relationship with James Ramey, the father of her 10-month old son Winston:

This week, Mandi even announced on social media that she’d just started a new relationship and appeared to be excited about what the future would hold:

Facebook/Mandi Mangas

However, little did anyone know, Mandi’s future would be cut short thanks to her depraved ex-boyfriend.

This past Tuesday, when Ramey saw that Mandi was dating someone new, he became enraged and rushed over to Mandi’s home, where his son was.

Ramey forced his way into the home and opened fire on Mandi, shooting her in the chest.

Thinking he had killed the mother of his child, he fled the scene with his son, whom he’s forbidden from seeing. However, Ramey didn’t realized something: Mandi was not dead.

Instead, she managed to call 911, and when police arrived at her home, the mother who was quickly bleeding out was able to tell authorities who had shot her.

Mandi also asked police where her son was, which led police to believe that he had been taken:

Delta Police Chief Nathan Hartsock told reporters at WTOL:

“Her first thought was of her 10-month-old child, which led us to believe the child was not there. We did search the house, and she did give us the name of Mr. Ramey.”

It was then that police sent out a warrant for Ramey’s arrest and issued an Amber Alert — and within five hours of fleeing the scene, he was picked up during a routine traffic stop:


The child was found unharmed.

As for Mandi, though she was rushed to the hospital, she died shortly thereafter:

After looking into the suspect’s past, it was revealed that this wasn’t the first time Ramey had attacked Mandi.

She had taken out a restraining order against the father of her child, since he had threatened to kill her if she broke up with him and even held a knife to her neck in 2016:


Just a week before allegedly shooting Mandi, Ramey posted this disturbing message to his Facebook page:

“I don’t LOVE her like I used to, so to get back at me she know she gotta use you… but what she don’t know is this s*** gonna bruise you too…”

Facebook/James Ramey

Ramey faces charges of aggravated murder and could potentially face the death penalty.

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