It Looks Like Mom Is Cradling Twins, But When The Camera Pans Around? SPEECHLESS

The date was 18th of March 2014, when the first ever quintuplets were born to the happy couple of Steven and Michelle Seal at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. They were ecstatic to learn that they had four girls and one boy.

“This was the last time that we were trying for any extra kids, and we got all five at once,” mentions Michelle.  A nurse replies “Be careful what you ask from God.”

If you notice the video, the entire nursing team of the Baylor medical Institute along with a couple of photographers aims to give the perfect gift to Michelle by capturing her first photograph with the quintuplets. Well, this is not an easy task, but the end result is truly priceless. The sight of the proud mother wrapping all her babies at once for the very first time can definitely induce a lot of emotions.

A newswoman that was in the hospital to cover the segment also helps to Michelle with the shoot. So, what you see below is that the mom requires some extra hands in order to hold her babies.

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