If You Have Ever Seen This Sign On Your Toothpaste, Here Is What It Means!

The toothpaste in our bathroom is considered a key element. But some people can’t name the ingredients in some health products that they use, which is quite alarming.

If you are aware of your health concerns, you may want to know the meaning of that sign at the bottom part of your toothpaste. Most toothpaste tubes that are bought have this little mark at their bottom.

Although this product is used every day, people don’t know what those signs mean. If you check the toothpaste that you use, you should be able to see a square mark.

It can be red, blue or black. The color at the bottom of your toothpaste is a symbol of the quality of the product that you’re using.

That is when you find out about the ingredients contained in your toothpaste. You will learn if it was made out of organic substances, chemicals, or a combination of both.

Toothpaste ingredients:

Most toothpastes contain the following ingredients.

humectant material to prevent hardening of the toothpaste after opening, such as:

  • glycerol
  • xylitol
  • sorbitol

A solid abrasive for removing food debris and polishing teeth, such as:

  • calcium carbonate
  • silica

A binding material, or thickening agent, to stabilize the toothpaste and prevent separation, such as:

  • carboxymethyl cellulose
  • carrageenans
  • xanthan gum

A sweetener — that won’t give you cavities — for taste, such as:

  • sodium saccharin
  • acesulfame K

flavoring agent, like spearmint, peppermint, anise, bubblegum, or cinnamon. The flavor doesn’t contain sugar.

surfactant to help the toothpaste foam up and to emulsify the flavoring agents. Examples include:

  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • sodium N‐lauroyl sarcosinate

Fluoride, which is a naturally occurring mineral known for its ability to strengthen enamel and prevent cavities. Fluoride may be listed as sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate, or stannous fluoride.

The color on the bottom of the tube doesn’t tell you which of the above ingredients is in the toothpaste, or whether it’s considered “natural” or “chemical.”

Concerning the toothpaste tubes with a red square, the paste is made of a combination of chemical products and organic substances.

The blue sign means that you have natural or organic substances and medicinal products as the main ingredients.

Some toothpastes have green marks, which means that the ingredients used are purely organic or natural. And finally, the tubes with a little black square mean that the toothpaste contains chemical products.

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