A new trend is sweeping over social networks! ” Ghost ” followers are causing a huge problem to all social media users on Instagram/Facebook. Basically what happens is somebody on a computer at the other side of the world creates thousands of fake ” Ghost ” accounts and begins following your profile. The reason this is a problem is because once you have thousands of fake followers then your reach decreases dramatically. For example if you have 1000 fans/friends and you are reaching 10% with each post you will get 100 people seeing your post. After these ” Ghost ” accounts start following you this is what happens. You end up with 1000 real friends and 900 fake friends. Then you only get 10% of 1900 people which is roughly cutting your reach in half.

If you have noticed this happening to your Instagram then you can use this new site called Social Slumber to clean up all your fake inactive followers. You can get this by clicking HERE

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