Identical Twin Girls Born In 2010, Have Grown To Be Called “The Most Beautiful Twins In The World”

On July 7, 2010, Jaqi Clements and her husband welcomed two beautiful baby girls into the world. What they did not expect was how chaotic their lives were about to become. Yes, they expected twice the work load between diapers, late nights and spit-ups with the twins. But they did not expect the attention that the twins looks would attract.

Images of the girls that were posted on social media quickly went viral and once you see their faces for yourself, you will understand the reason as to why…

The two girls were named Ava Marie and Lead Rose and were born four and a half weeks early in 2010. Their mother Jaqi explains in her online blog that the little girls early arrival was just the start of their strong personalities.

“Knowing their personalities now it makes total sense that they would show up early, unannounced, and ready to take on anything.”

As the girls got older, people began to notice just how stunning both of them were. After reading comments left by people on her blog and knowing her daughters possessed true beauty, Jaqi signed them up an agent and got them into modeling at the tender age of six months.

However, Jaqi pulled the girls out of the agency shortly after when things did not go quite like she imagined they would. She never imagined that a few Instagram posts would turn things around quite like they did…

Life at the Clement household was just as bust as ever after the modeling fell by the wayside. With a son and two daughters, jaqi and her husband had their hands full. The girls continued to flourish and reactions and comments on their beauty persisted.

Jaqi exclaimed that everywhere she traveled, people would stop her and inquire about Ava and Leah.

“For as long as I can remember strangers would approach me when we were out asking first if they were twins… Their follow-up would always be, ‘Wow they are so beautiful, you should really think about getting them into modeling.'”

After their first venture into modeling went sour, Jaqi was quiet nervous about getting her girls back into the industry. But this all changed when the girls turned seven.

Jaqi shared the moment on her blog she realized that her girls were ready to step back into the limelight.

“This year was different. The girls were different. They finally had a personality of their own. They loved to perform their dance routines in front of an audience, any audience. Neighbors, friends, strangers… it didn’t matter to them, they loved to be the center of attention…

Aside from the fact that I’m a huge believer in signs and have been told by almost everyone that 7 is a lucky number, I just had a feeling that this year was going to be a fun and exciting year for them.

I presented my idea to the girls that if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try.

I was not surprised at all when they started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to begin!”

The girls newest modeling venture was in fact for a family friend who had recently opened up a children’s boutique. Jaqi decided this would be perfect for the girls and agreed to help her friend out with the “model search” problem. She grabbed her old Nikon camera and rushed to the boutique with her two girls.

“Well, I can’t say it went exactly how I thought it was going to go. Ava would look at the camera while Leah would stare off into space… Leah would accidentally bump into Ava, who, of course, thought it was on purpose and would shove her back.

All and all, it turned out to be a success, surprisingly.

We got a few good pictures at least for my neighbor to use for her new business and for us to send out to a few agencies that we were hoping may have some interest.”

It was quiet hard at first, the girls being typical kids were arguing as well as push and shoving each other. Jaqi was able to catch several stunning photos of the girls eventually when they settled down. She immediately knew that this was the moment things were about to change for her two beautiful girls.

Shortly after posting the images of Ava and Leah on their Instagram page – the photos immediately went viral. The phone was constantly ringing with agents wishing to meet the girls and Jaqi.

The girls eventually signed with not one, but two different agents from California and have been very busy ever since. Every once in a while there can be scheduling conflicts with having two agents, but this does not phase the girls and is a sure sign the girls really are rising to the top of their industry!

Without a doubt there is a reason why Ava and Leah are considered to be the most beautiful twins on this planet. Who knows what the future holds for these two, we just can’t wait to see. With a head strong mother like Jaqi behind them, they will definitely be able to keep a good head on their shoulders!

Please SHARE the twins amazing story and beauty with friends and family. They are set for future stardom in my opinion…What do you think?

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