I Had No Idea You Were Supposed To Do THIS At Least Once A Month With Every Refrigerator. Did You?

Keeping your house clean happens to be at the top of the list of all the never-ending chores that you were hit with. When you have dirty dishes and laundry, they start accumulating over days. There is no simple way around it, you need to make use of the kitchen, the bathroom as well as your clothes, and they need to be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning a bit every day in order to avoid a huge amount of cleaning at a later time is something that is necessary. If you happen to clean our dishes after every meal or simply put them in the dishwasher, there is no need for the dishes to start accumulating in front of the sink. The same can be told about vacuuming, dusting as well as laundry. Doing it a bit more frequently will ensure that you do not have to work hard at a single moment.

However, even though you may be working very hard to keep the house clean, you might miss a few spots. Today, we underline 4 hidden spots which can gather dust, mold as well as a bunch of other stuff. Look closely!

If you do not check on these four hidden places regularly, they can easily collect a lot of disgusting debris and dirt. Even when you clean out your house, you are probably missing these spots.

The first place is the condensation pan located underneath your refrigerator. In all honesty, you might not have even known about its existence. Most of the people don’t. When you take it out and clean it, you realize the amount of dirt that has accumulated in that place for years.

Also known as the drip pan, it is always located at the bottom of every refrigerator. Its main purpose is to collect moisture, and happens to be the breeding ground for any kind of bacteria in your house. In order to avoid this problem, you need to clean of the condensation pan once in a month. It would be as good as new.

The next thing you need to do is to wash the rim that is located around your washing machine. This is a rubber lip that helps the door close in the washing machine. This spot is often forgotten, which is a big problem.

Do your clothes always smell like mildew even after you wash them? It is due to you washing clothes with the rim being all dirty and filled with mold. Besides that, it might even be hiding some lost articles like underwear or socks.

What you need to do is to lift the rubber fold, and clean the place with a washcloth and make sure that you did not lose any small clothing articles in that place.

When was the last time you ever cleaned under your bath mat? This is a very often forgotten place and happens to be the perfect place for bacteria and mold to grow.

When you see a dark discoloration under the bath mat, then it is time for you to clean the place. Make use of some bleach in order to kill such dangerous particles.

When you have children, have you ever thought of cleaning the bath toys? These are toys that accumulate water, and leads to a growth of mold. Even sippy cups are home to a lot of bacteria.

Always try out the bath toys of your child. If your child is putting such kind of toys in their mouth, make sure that the toys are cleaned frequently.

Share such important tips with your friends and family to alert them of such dangers lurking in your house!

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