Husband writes this letter to his wife about household chores, but it’s got women on social media enraged.

A recent post on social media from Linda Mcdowd in Chicago was of a letter her husband had written and given to her after she demanded him to help her with the house chores. Of course she did not agree with the letter and decided to put it up on social media to see what her friends and other women thought. The reactions were mixed with some women claiming that this letter ” Must have been wrote back in 19th century ” and other women claiming that ” The man is the provider in the house and you should not expect him to do household chores.

Read the letter below for yourself and let us know what you think in the comment section

Do you “expect” your husband to help with household chores?
If you do, you don’t have a happy marriage because expectations destroy relationships. If he helps, great & if not, do your housework cheerfully as unto the Lord. Remember you didn’t marry your husband to help with the household chores. You married him to be your protector & provider. You should have also married him because you deeply love him, wanted to be a great help meet to him & make his life better, not worse & put more burdens upon his shoulders that he already has to carry in providing for his family! Make his life as easy and as happy as you can!


However Liz Harms had different views on the matter and voiced her opinion in a comment that got liked over 11,000 times.

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