This Storm Could Potentially Hit Us In The Future And It’s 50 Times Bigger Than Hurricane Irma

There is a storm that could potentially hit us in the future that is 50 times bigger than storm Irma. The storm is known as Saturn’s storm. The storm is over 10000 kilometers in diameter and is the largest hurricane in the solar system with wind speed exceeding 2000 kilometers per hour. If this storm was ever to touch down on planet Earth it will wipe out the entire planet.

Hurricane Irma was about the same size as Hurricane Katrina. They both measure about 630KM in size.

This was small in comparison to hurricane sandy which measured 1,800KM in diameter. But the biggest storm of all time on earth was Typhoon Tip which happened in 1979. The storm measured a massive 2,000KM in Diameter and was the most intense hurricane to ever hit earth.

Saturn’s storm is the hurricane we really need to worry about. The hurricane happens in the Solar System and measures 10,000KM in Diameter and has wind speeds of over 2000kmh. If this hurricane was ever to touch down on earth then it would most likely wipe out the whole planet. Watch the video below for full details.

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