Hurricane Irma On A Collision Course With President Trump’s $28 Million Florida Mansion

As the people of Puerto Rico brace themselves for the arrival of Mega Hurricane Irma it seems this once in a lifetime weather system is heading straight for Florida and President Trump’s $28 Million residence.

The luxury mansion which recently had it’s selling price slashed from $28 million to $16.9 million lies directly in the hurricane’s current expected route.

Hurricane Irma is currently battering the North East Caribbean Islands with wind speeds in excess of 200mph and storm swells of up to 18ft.

The category 5 storm (the size of France) is expected to make landfall on the Florida coast on Saturday and if it keeps up it’s current power will be the first time in recorded history the US has faced two category 4 hurricanes in one season

An official on the island of Puerto Rico warned residents to seek immediate protection and closed with the ominous statement of “May God Help Us All”

And the bad news doesn’t end there, another storm called “Jose” is currently building in the Atlantic and is expected to become a Hurricane later this week.

Lets all join together and pray that President Trumps mansion is not damaged in any way!

Share with your friends if they are in the Florida area, this one could be huge and they need to be prepared.

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