How You React in Anger Can Reveal A Lot About the Kind Of Person You Are

Anger is an emotion we experience in our day to day life. However, people react different to one another. While one person may shout and be violent whereas another might cry and be silent.

In many cases, anger needs to be managed properly. The best approach for with is to calm down and express what you feel.

Reacting to anger reveals the lots of things about someone’s personality.


If someone yells when angry it means they feel misunderstood and thinks that the other one should know what’s on their mind.

Even he or she was wrong about the incident by shouting to others they think that words getting power than the silence and can win the argument.

However in many cases people don’t listen to the yeller because they think that it is not worth defending. These type of people don’t care about hurting other people feelings.

Sad & Silent

Very few people are quiet when angry and are afraid of showing the emotions because they fear upsetting their loved ones.

Their anger is locked up and they refuse to talk because they believe that silence works better.

They are waiting for the right moment to show the anger but in the end, they forget it. People who react to anger with silence are the ones who afraid of standing up for themselves.


Some people are out of control when they got angry, throwing valuable things around often breaking things.

This type of anger stems from a person who believes that he or she is superior and deserves to be treated better.

Perhaps these people should consider anger management, other wise their lives could have many regrets.


People who cry are the one who feels helpless as they portray their pain through tears allowing sadness from the body.

They believe that they are being treated with disrespect but are mature enough to hold back the pain.

Crying over a situation can often be perceived as weakness, however it is the best way to repair the relationship rather than yelling or violence.

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