How To Sew A Button, Have You Ever Wondered?

Not just tailors know how to sew buttons.

Sewing buttons is an easy skill to learn which can come in handy any time a button falls off. Imagine this suddenly happening to your favourite piece of clothing. You either bring it to a tailor to fasten the button back on which is the easier option. The other alternative is to sew the circular button back on yourself. Naturally the first option is preferable, but if you paying attention to the teacher in sewing class when you were younger then you have it under control.

Should those lessons have slipped your mind then here are some simple steps to refresh your memory in case you have forgotten how to sew that button right back on.

sewing kit buttons

What you will need to fasten a button.

A good option is to invest in a sewing kit which includes some or all of the following items: Needles, different colour thread, scissors, fasteners and a selection of buttons. For the next step it would be advisable to get an old piece of material to practice how to stitch the round button on securely.

Thread Needle

Make sure you cut off enough thread and double it up so you have equal amounts on each side. It’s much easier to thread a needle which is doubled up. Then create a knot at the end by wrapping the thread around your finger several times then slip off your finger and tug the long end of the thread tight. The knot prevents the thread from coming loose when you mend the button back on the shirt or top.

sew needle thread

Make An X

Run needle through back of material to the front where the button will be placed, then thread through to the back, and repeat process to create an “X to centre the button.  This helps to ensure the button doesn’t become loose during stress.

Position the Button

Place the button on the “X” start sewing it in place by stitching from the back to the front through the first button hole. Using your finger to keep the button in place push the needle up through the button making your X shape until the knot snugs underneath the fabric. Repeat this process for six passes until button is securely fastened.

Make A Shank

On your last step, come back up through the fabric (not through the button) and turn the needle to the side bringing it out from underneath the button. Wrap the needle around the thread under the button. Loop needle six times around the thread between the material which is attached to the button and pull tight. Finally slip needle back into the base and tie on other side of the fabric.

Finish With A Knot

An overhand loop with the needle still attached is the easiest knot to complete. Bring the needle up to the top but not through the button. Wrap the thread around the stitches a few times. Pass the needle to the side and with the remaining piece of thread use your fingers knot it off. Finally snip off any any excess thread.

Button stitch sew

Final Sewing Conclusion

After practicing how to sew a button a few times you will eventually master the skill. This technique will come in handy on occasions where your button might fall off a top.

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