How To Make Paper Airplanes That Fly

Fold the paper in half horizontally. Unfold the paper and fold each of the top corners into the central line. After this you can then fold down the edges so they meet at the side. Fold upper sides straight into the Central Line right after. Once you have done this you can then fold the top Edge hallways away from you.

Credit: Everymum

 If you are struggling to make the plane then you can follow no the instructions below which are laid out in images. There is no specific way to make a plane that will fly better. You need to trial and error and eventually you will come up with one that will fly the best. Making a paper aero plane is not always easy so make sure and take your time when folding the edges

 you can also YouTube videos of how to make paper airplanes that fly. Some of the best flying airplanes are made but using small pieces of paper. Instead of using an A4 piece of paper you should try using an A5  piece of paper in order for the plane to fly faster and float better.

 Once you have done all this and created the best paper airplane you can, you need to take the airplane to a high point and then release it. Sit back grab your beer and then watch the airplane fly for as long as possible. Just remember you’re going to have to fetch the airplane so make sure the place you throw it to is accessible

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