How To Cure A Toothache By Yourself! Even My Dentist Was Amazed!

When a toothache strikes, it can bring excruciating pain and discomfort with it.

Typically caused by tooth decay, damage, infection, grinding or an abscess, toothaches bring a sharp, throbbing pain, swelling and even a fever or headache as the pain progresses.  

Yes, toothache is a painful thing that sends a lot of people running straight to the dentist. We all know that toothaches have a nasty habit of striking in the night, thanks to changes in blood flow, and when the dentist’s office is closed. Sometimes, you just can’t go to a dentist.

In this article we’re going to show you how to make the best and most effective ingredient remedy which will help you cure a toothache in a second!

You just need cloves and coconut oil. Cloves make an incredible home remedy for toothaches because they contain eugenol. A powerful anesthetic and antiseptic that stops pain in its tracks.

Clove oil:


  • ½ teaspoon clove powder
  • ½ teaspoon coconut oil


Mix these 2 ingredients and apply this mixture on the affected tooth. This helps alleviate the pain. Clove oil must be used very carefully, do not pour directly on the affected area; just put a couple of drops on a cotton bud and hold it against the affected area until the pain subsides.  

Other natural methods:

Warm, salty water:

A simple teaspoon of salt dissolved in a cup of boiling hot water can help to kill the pain of a toothache as it can clean away bacteria and dirt, reducing swelling. The salt water can effectively cleanse the area around the tooth and remove the fluid that may be causing the swelling.  For best results, swish the salty water around your mouth for about 30 seconds and then spit it out.  

Soothe with ice cubes:

Ice cubes can also help to soothe discomfort and pain by numbing the nerves in your tooth. Don’t apply an ice cube directly to the affected area as this can irritate it even further. Instead, take a small ice cube, place it in a small bag and wrap it in a thin cloth before holding it against the affected area.  

Anti-inflammatory & analgesic medicines:

The quickest and most effective means of treating a toothache is via anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines such as paracetamol, aspirin and codeine. When the above-mentioned natural remedies fail to provide the level of pain relief you need, it may be time to consider taking some anti-inflammatories and painkillers.

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