How Much Does A Chick Weigh When Born

Chickens and hens can vary in weight.  The real reason for this depends on the breed and gender of the chick when they are born.  With over 500 different type of chicken breeds it is almost very hard to get an average weight of a chick.  Boss after researching many of these young birds  we think we may have found the average weight of a biddy.

Different Types Of Chickens.

A chicken is a domesticated fowl animal which originally came from Southern Asia.  It’s counterpart a younger male  may also be known as a cockerel. The adult female fledgling is also called a hen. In total there are over 500 different types of chickens or hens across the globe. They come from many different categories including breeds such as bantams, hybrids  and pure breeds. It would be impossible to name all 500 breeds so we have decided to create a list of the most popular breeds and the average size of each chick.

Smallest Chicken Breed

The Malaysian Serama bantam is one of the smallest breeds of chickens around the world. At full size is can weigh less than 500 grams.  They are native to the country of Malaysia.  They are known to be a cam and very friendly type of chick which makes it easy to handle them. Other benefits include the low quantity of food stay required to stay alive. They might not produce the biggest eggs or they are still able to produce up to four eggs per week

Largest Chicken Breed In The World

The Malay chicken breed  are known as the tallest breed of chicken in the world. They may not be as heavy as a Jersey Giant but the Malay Chick can often grow up to 35 inches in height. But if by large you mean in weight, then you cannot get heavier than a Jersey Giant.  They often grow to a massive weight of 15 pounds. But they are relaxed and friendly birds with a great temperament.

Bantam Chicken

Bantam Chicken
The Bantam Chicken

This gorgeous looking Bantam chicken is a mini size breed. They are normally only 1/4 the size of the average bird. They are normally used as household and pet chickens.  Usually they would roam free around the neighborhood surviving on scraps and other small pieces of food.

Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken
The Brahma Chicken

This breed of bird originally comes from India. Often known as the one of the king of the chickens because of its massive size. Some of the roosters often reach a weight of over 12 pounds, while hens can reach a wave of almost 10 pounds. Brahmas  come in all different shapes and sizes for the wound main feature is their red eyes. They also have a massive amount of fluffy feathers and Feathers covering their legs. This is to help them survive when the weather gets really cold.

Cochin Bird

Cochin Bird

The Cochin chicken is a famous type of breed of chicken. Originating from China they were often given up as a gift to the queen in the 1800’s.This type of feathered Birds is often praised for their sweet natured personalities and their friendly approach to people. They come in many different colors including black and they have really feathered feet.

How Much Does A Egg Weigh?

chicken egg weight
How Much Does An Egg Weigh On Average

On average each  egg would weigh almost 60 grams. This weight is composed of three different items.  First we would have the albumen or egg white  which would roughly take up 58% of the egg weight.  The second heaviest part in the egg shell would be the yolk. This compromises of 31% of the total egg size.  Finally the last part of the egg which is the shell would normally weighs 6.6 grams. This accounts for almost 11% of the total egg weight.

Conclusion: How Much Does A Chick Weigh At Birth?

The average chick that is one day old will weight approximately 45 grams.  Although as we mentioned above chicken eggs may vary in size we have put together an average size based on each chicken breed’s average egg size. There is almost a 15% weight loss from the original egg weight.  But once again these percentages may vary depending on the breed of chicken.

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