Ever Wondered How Many Kittens In A Litter?

Have you ever wondered how many kitties a cat can have on average? We have spent a vast amount of time looking over the average amount of kittens that are in every litter. There are a number of reasons why kitten litters are either smaller or larger. One of the main reason’s we found are cat genetics. If a cat’s first pregnancy results in having a larger amount of kittens then it is also very likely that the cat will have many more kittens in the rest of their pregnancies. But first let’s cover some other introductory subjects so you get an understanding as to why this may vary.

How Many Cats Per Litter

Kitten Season: When Is Kitten Season And What Is Kitten Season?

People often ask what is kitten season? In most countries usually summer time is often known as kitten season. The reason for this is that the unusual warm weather in the summer will normally bring a female cat into heat. A female cat can go into heat at least 3 to 4 times during these months. Sometimes however kitten season may begin in springtime. This also depends on the country’s location and it’s weather at the time of year. Sometimes however on a rare occasion it has been reported that many cats have gone into heat during the winter months and this is a strange phenomenon that people and scientists around the world have yet to figure out.

How Many Kittens In A Litter Is The Question You Want To Know.

House cats will normally have on average between 3 to 7 kitties in every litter. but as we mentioned this may vary depending on the cat type. in fact one of the largest litters ever recorded was 19. This happened all the way back in 1970 and was a very strange phenomenon. Unfortunately only 14 of the kittens survived. This was down to the fact that there was not enough nutrients to go around for all kittens to survive. The female cat mother was under severe pressure and her body struggled to cope with this amazing feat. Most female cats are able to produce a litter at least 2 times per year but sometimes can have up to 3 to 4 litters. On many occasions with this many litters it’s almost impossible for the female mother care for all her infants. That is why many of these kittens are put up for adoption and sent away from their mother.

How Often Do Kittens Eat?

When kittens are born they have a really tiny stomach. It’s almost the same size as a fingernail. However their bodies advanced at a very quick rate and they extremely fast. Generally a newborn to 7 week old kitten should be getting their mothers milk. In many cases kittens will have to fight to get this milk and become stronger than their siblings. But you must be careful if you notice one kitten struggling. It is not advisable substitute cats milk with normal cow’s milk that humans consume. Kittens have a difficult time digesting lactose milk. If the mother is unable to feed during this period then you should be feeding the kittens at least 8 times a day at regular intervals with a small bottle using cat milk. This can be very demanding on the owner so you may need to consider putting some of the kittens up for adoption.

Can Kittens Drink Cows Milk?

Like we mentioned above a good idea to feed your kittens cow’s milk. Kittens will struggle to digest this milk and it may end up causing them huge problems. It’s best that you feed your kittens with cat milk that you will have to obtain from the mother. If you are still unsure what to do if may be best to seek advice from a vet.

Kitten Cows Milk

How Often Should Kittens Poop?

In most cases an average kitten will poop only once or twice a day, although this many vary because every kitten is different. But you must be careful and make sure that your kittens poop is solid and firm. If your kitten has diarrhea then this is actually the exact opposite, it means they are constipated and you may have a problem. The best thing to do in this case is to get your kitten to drink some water. This will help free up their stomach from constipation and hopefully keep them pain free.

Can Kittens Eat Tuna?

People often ask the question can kittens eat tuna? The immediate answer always give people is no. The reason for this is the amount of mercury inside in canned white tuna. It contains 3 to 4 times more mercury levels than light tuna. This might have huge health consequences further down the line so it is best advised to stay away from this type of food.

Can Kittens See In The Dark?

Felines in general have much better eyesight in humans and much better night vision also. Kittens are also the same but with one major flaw. They are severely nearsighted and find it very hard to focus on objects that are not close to them. So maybe it might be a good idea to leave a small night light on for your kitten to see. Otherwise they might be bumping into objects at night-time and end up waking the whole house. This is something you don’t want if you have little kids.

Kitten See In Dark
Kitten In The Dark

Can Kittens Eat Eggs?

Of course kittens can eat eggs. Kittens don’t need that many calories each day to survive. It may be better to give your kitten some more nutrients food that she or he needs to grow. If you are unsure what type of foods you should be feeding your kitten then it might be a good idea to speak to a nutritionist for animals or your local veterinarian. If you don’t have the option of doing this then you can also look up some good websites online of what to feed your kitten.

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