Hilarious Panorama Fails That Are So Bad They’re Good

Panoramic pictures are multiple images together which can look amazing if captured correctly. The view can stretch wider than the scope of our peripheral vision.

However these images can often look strange. If movements occur some of these images can be a total flop.

We have compiled some of the best panoramas pictures which are total fails. Scroll down and take a look at the hilarious pictures below.

#1 Panoramic Cat

My cat walked by as I took this.

#2 Achoooo!!

This is what you will look like if you sneeze while taking a panoramic shot.

#3 Family Fun

My dad just loves this panoramic view

#4 Selfie Stick?

Who needs a selfie stick when you have an arm this long.

#5 Concert Lights Up

Looks Unreal!!

#6 Hound Of Hades

I thought this guard dog only existed in mythology?

#7 Creepy Crawly

Babies are more flexible at stretching.

#8 What happened my moms face…

She looks like a troll

#9 Woah

This looks scary but cool.

#10 Superdog?

Where is his cape?

#11 Animal or Mammal?

Is this a dog or a baby elephant…

#12  This could come in handy.

To keep people at arms length.

#13  Diving Fail

When your dive and body fall apart.

#14  Hair Raising

Looks as confused as I feel.

#15 When The Dog Walks By

Just as your taking a panoramic shot.

#16 Phantom Finger

Can someone please explain this one?

#17 Take A Look At This Guy.

Human centipede on the loose.

#18  When The Lighting Changes

How does this happen?

#19 Hand Out..

Anyone in need of an extra hand?

#20 Giddy Up

Hope this horse doesn’t get ahead of himself.

#21 London Fashion Week

Where’s the model gone?

#22 Oh Noooo….

I hope this image was photoshopped and there wasn’t actually a drop.

#23 Photo Gone Wrong

Bet you took a a second glance at this one!

#24 Longest Corgi Ever!

Butters The Corgi was swimming while this panoramic shot was taken.

#25 Catching Waves

Wow this looks like a huge wave.

#26  This is not a desired look.

Don’t move while taking a panoramic or you’ll end up looking like this.

#27 A Futuristic 2 Wheeled Car Design.

How Or What Is Driving This Car?

#28 Epic Fail

Did he need a hand taking this picture?

#29 Double Vision?

This Panorama Shot Didn’t Exactly Turn Out As Expected

#30 Panoramic View.

This Makes Me Laugh!!

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