Hilarious Fashion Fails You Won’t Believe Exist.

Fashion is constantly changing and sometimes errors occur from wrongly placed text to ugly patterns.

These blunders are often overlooked until such a time the mishap becomes totally obvious.

Scroll down to take a look at these hilarious designs.

Born Skater

Hoods Up!

Position Of Pearls

Always Remember To Read The Front First.

Did She Ruin Her Dress?

Appropriate Attire For An Interview With South Africa’s President

One Too Many Knuckles?

When You Leave Out A Letter.

Anti Slip Shoes.

Thats A Strange Wrestling Patch.

Dress “Design” Gone Wrong

Buy What?

Not The Best Look From Behind.


Are Those Her Legs Or Tights?

These Might Not Resemble Saggy Ears?

Not What It Says On The Packet.

Take Me To The Candy Shop…

A What?

Okay Then…..

Wrong Place?

Dodgy Design!


On Point With The Logo.

Maybe They Never Intended It To Turn Out Like This?

Perfectly Placed Patterns

Wonder Why They Are On Sale

Christmas Cracker.

Discoloured Or Logo?

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