Here’s What The Brady Bunch Kids Look Like Today

On September 26, 1969, families across the United States turned on their TVs — truly, sets — and viewed The Brady Bunch for the absolute first time. Delivered by a similar maker as Gilligan’s Island, Sherwood Schwartz’s new show revolved around a remarried widow and single man, every one of their three kids, and their servant.

As indicated by, The Brady Bunch illustrated “a healthy perspective on day to day life,” rather than handling dubious subjects of the time. Despite the fact that the show ran for 177 scenes, it never came to “the main ten positions of the Nielsen appraisals,” composed the Museum of Broadcast Communications. In any case, the show turned out to be immovably established into mainstream society and maybe found much more accomplishment after it finished and went to partnership during the ’70s. Tragically, the equivalent can not be said for the six kid entertainers from the show.

Is it true that you are interested to understand what they’ve all been doing? Here’s a look into the lives of the genuine Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy.

Greg looks like he is doing just fine!

Peter totally changed his career and is no longer doing acting!

Bobby really is quite the handy man

Marcia (Marcia, Marcia) has finally overcome here struggles

Amazingly enough Jan is still acting!

Cindy looked so innocent. Hard to think that she became a pot farmer!

Here is a picture of all of them together! Pretty amazing how fast time goes by

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