Here’s How To Tighten Your Tummy With Vicks VapoRub And Plastic Wrap

While we are all stuck at home and in need of a change, we might feel stagnent. This tip will help you get rid of excessive weight while drastically improving your looks or various other parts of your body.

Vicks Vaporub helps get rid of problems with cold, chest pains and fever; however they can also be used to tighten the skin and aid weight loss. This wrap therapy has been extremely popular since the 80s and the 90s.

Now, you can create your very own spa therapy making use of the plastic wrap and the Vicks Vaporub. The process requires you to rub the Vicks Vaporub on the skin and then wrapping that applied area with plastic wrap.

Here are a list of different ways in which wrap therapy will help you.

Weight Loss

Step to Health magazine has mentioned that camphor, one of the active ingredients of Vicks Vaporub can be used to accelerate the fat burning in various areas of the body. According to WebMD, they say that this Vicks Vaporub only causes the body to sweat, not result in the loss of fat but water. The resultant is still the loss of weight.

Weight loss shall be temporary, just for a day or two which is more effective for an occasion. Vitamin E and Epsom Salt can also help to reduce the waistline by an inch in just 45 minutes!

When doing the wrap therapy make sure to stay hydrated since you are basically losing the water weight.

Cellulite reduction

Vicks Vaporub mixed with alcohol and baking soda should be applied to the body parts to help reduce cellulite and also moisturise your skin.

Reduction in stretch marks

The oils in Vicks Vaporub can help minimize stretch marks. The oils as well as the active ingredients in Vicks Vaporub can ensure that the stretch marks will feel softer and also get a noticeable reduction in the dry appearance that makes the stretch marks stand out. There is no topical cream that can boast of this effect.

Have you tried on the wrap therapy before? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you.

Take a look at the video below for more tips:

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