Her dad has been feeding his daughter this for months. When he manages to pull it out of her throat, he is still shaking from the shock of what almost killed his child.

A choking child is a parent’s worst nightmare. That helpless little being, unable to breath, gagging, turning purple and potentially dying. A horrific thing to experience.

This father indeed experienced such an occurrence. Justin Morrice is the father of then 10-month-old Annabelle. He’s from Saskatchewan, Canada and made a social media post regarding just how traumatic his experience was, while also warning parents so they can avoid what he went through.
Screenshot_2024 Indeed, the post has been getting tons of attention. Over 60,000 times and counting it has been shared. The father was lucky in this instance, and actually the action of sticking a finger into an infant’s mouth is not recommended as it can cause the obstruction to get pushed even further back down the throat. Think of a Q-tip trying to get out ear wax, yet it just pushes it back deeper. It can also result in swelling.

Instead, The American Red Cross offers very helpful online and in-person training in order to deal with an emergency such as this. Babycenter also has a very helpful guide demonstrating in step-by-step fashion how to specifically deal with choking if it occurs with your infant.

Always best to be prepared in the event that something like this does occur. For this father and daughter, a happy ending was indeed the case. Parents should always be informed of the potential dangers that are out there. Share this important information to spread the awareness even further.

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