Her Aunt Warns That This Cute 3 Year Old Could Die In Her Sleep – She Was Correct!!

An accident happened in the backyard of the relatives in Missouri that little 3 year old Lizzie was visiting. She slipped into the swimming pool without anyone’s knowledge. Thankfully, the presence of mind in her 13 year old brother, Sam saw her being pulled out of it immediately. However he said that her face had grey coloration, and while her lips turned blue, he could not see her pupils. She kept on spitting out the water. He was scared and was able to perform the basic CPR maneuvers to resuscitate her.

Although after this incident, her family thought she was out of danger. However, things took a turn for the worse. Lizzie suddenly kept falling asleep and was lethargic. It was her Aunt Zina Jacobs that felt something was astray. She warned Lizzie’s mother Cassandra marks that Lizzie shouldn’t be let to fall asleep. When questioned, her Aunt simply stated that she would not survive if she did fall asleep.

On hearing this, Lizzie was taken to the emergency room by her family, where it was discovered that she had a rare type of Second Drowning or Dry Drowning.

Small children are particularly at risk of this, and even small amount of water can end up causing serious issues, with the lings being prevented from absorbing oxygen. If not treated, this condition can be fatal. There are far too many stories of children not surviving this condition.

Having stayed in the hospital for over 7 hours before making her way home, Lizzie would be counted as one of the lucky children. To ensure that this does not happen to your near and dear ones, do not let them go swimming unsupervised and always look out for them when they leave the water body. Any symptoms like lethargy, breathing troubles or discoloration of lips should be taken seriously and should be rushed to a nearby hospital. Please share this vital piece of information so that parents can keep their wards safe this summer.

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