Heartbreak As Texas Police Officer Who Delivered A Baby Girl And Later Celebrated Her 1st Birthday With A Tea Party Has Died Aged Just 48

It was a story that warmed the hearts of a nation but there’s sad news to report today as the Texas Police Officer who helped deliver a baby girl and celebrated her 1st birthday with a heartwarming tea party has died aged just 48.

The hero Deputy Constable who’s story went viral worldwide died on Thursday of a suspected heart attack. He’d been a police officer since 1994

His story went viral after he helped to deliver baby Evelyn at the roadside one year earlier and then was invited to celebrate her birthday at an adorable tea party with the girl’s family and friends.

The baby girl was born at the side of a road after her mother went in to labour whilst attempting to make it to the hospital. Deputy Constable Mark Diebold flagged the vehicle down after seeing the vehicle driving erratically but quickly realised the situation and offered to escort them to hospital.

But on driving to the hospital the girls mother Destiny realised she wasn’t going to make it and the baby would have to be born at the roadside.

They managed to make it to a Gas Station where Officer Diebold helped deliver the baby, little Evelyn Hall weighed 61bs 10 Ounces at birth.

Officer Diebold has remained part of baby Evelyn’s life ever since, even taking part in a beautiful photo shoot together with Evelyn and her family.

One year later Officer Diebold was back to attend a Tea Party held to celebrate baby Evelyn’s 1st birthday and enjoying spending time with the girl he helped bring in to the world.

The Hall family paid tribute to Officer Diebold calling him “The worlds finest man”.

He leaves behind a wife and two children but his impact on one families life will remain forever, he left his mark and made the world a better place.


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