Healthy Teen Dies Suddenly On The Beach, Then Mom Realizes She Drank THIS Just Moments Before…

Lanna Hamann, a 16 year old went to Mexico for her summer vacation.  She was with her friends and family. One day, when she was relaxing on the sandy beaches, she went into cardiac arrest suddenly, Later, she died.

Although her death was a mystery at first, what made it even more mystifying is that she was an active student, healthy to the core from Sunrise Mountain High School in Peoria AZ. She did not have any previous medical issues, and there were no potential red flags as well.

As the news of her death sank in, Kris, Lanna’s mom went public with what she had not believed to be the cause of her daughter’s death.  Not only was Lanna dehydrated on that day, but she had not drunk any water; all she drunk was a health drink. In fact, she drank Red Bull just moments before she collapsed on the beach floor.

According to cardiologist Jack Wolfsen, the excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar in health drinks were the problem. “There is ample medical evidence that such things can cause a lot of harm to the natural rhythm of the heart and impact a lot on the blood pressure,” he says to KSAZ Fox 10.

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