He Notices A Baby Elephant Lying Down All By Himself. When He Goes To Comfort Him….WHOA

Elephants are known to be some of the most gentle, beautiful, and mellow creatures. Yet, they are extremely big and hopefully, they remain gentle when you get to meet one.

There are various stories circulating about how these animals do not want to harm anyone, rather they seem to be like playful dogs to humans. When you notice that they can be put to sleep by singing a lullaby, it says a lot about their temperament, doesn’t it?

So, when this young man along with his friends came across a baby elephant, they whip out their cameras to get this interaction with the baby on camera. The baby elephant has an instinct at first that one would not expect; neither did this young man take the first move by the elephant to be too serious. He simply wanted to reach out to the elephant, and exchange some hugs and love. However, will be the elephant let that interaction happen with the human? Well, it has happened before.

As soon as you start watching this video, stopping would be the last thing on your mind. This young man is wonderfully lucky that he found this little baby, but be warned, if he was any bigger, he would be easily trampled.

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