Rumors Say Harry And Meghan Caused This Change In Relationship

Can you believe that Kate Middleton and Prince William have been married for almost ten years.

The world witnessed their royal wedding as well as the arrival of their three kids. However, there seems to have been certain changes following the marriage of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle.

Followers seemed to have noticed subtle developments in the behavior of the royal family. Let’s take a look to see exactly what happened…

Ups And Downs

Before Prince William and Kate Middleton walked down the aisle, the two of them experienced their fair share of ups and downs. They met in 2001 while both attending the University of St. Andrews. Kate caught his attention while participating in a charity fashion show.

At Long Last

When they first started dating, Kate became familiar with the attention of the press. Her lawyers even filed a complaint for harassment! A decade after they first met, they got married in Westminster Abbey.

The Married Life

In 2013, the two began a family of their own with the birth of Prince George. Supporters noticed they were not really into public displays of affection.


William and Kate chose not to be demonstrative of their affections for a reason. They refused to get touchy when there were cameras present while representing the monarchy.

Official Photos

The Duke and Duchess are almost always seen in photographs taken during official engagements, so they are at ‘work,’ and it would be unprofessional to hold hands,” explained Emily Nash, a journalist working for HELLO!, in 2017. She added, “They also need to shake hands with a huge number of people as they meet them, so aside from being on duty, it wouldn’t be very practical!”

Sporting Events Are Different

We know [the Duke and Duchess] are very affectionate and that sometimes comes across during more lighthearted moments, at sporting events or similar, but you wouldn’t expect them to put that on show while in more formal situations,” a different source said.

During the 2012 Olumpics you can see William and Kate showing some PDA with each other.

New Couple In Town

In 2017, there had been a shift in their dynamic as fans and the press took notice.

Harry And Meghan

In July 2018, Harry and Meghan shared a pretty steamy kiss during a polo match. Although unprecedented, many people swallowed it.

A Fresh Modern Approach

Royal etiquette specialist Myka Meier explains: “Meghan and Prince Harry holding hands at a royal engagement is a refreshingly modern approach to their new role both as a couple and as representatives of the royal family.

Royal PDA

She also described public displays of affections to be “simply a matter of preference for each couple and is also likely dependent on the nature of the event.” In general, the rule of thumb is that “a more serious engagement would warrant a more serious level of professionalism, which each royal is sure to follow.”


There was a time when this professionalism was followed very strictly. In 2017, the author of Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life explained that the public display of affection, or its lack thereof, between the Queen and Prince Philip has always been noted. Author Sally Bedell-Smith explained, “In the manner of the upper class, neither of them were physically demonstrative.

Unexpected Display

In October 2018, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surprised everyone. As they displayed PDA! Kate returned from maternity leave after Prince Louis’ birth.

Quite Unusual For The Pair

Prince William accompanied his wife to the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London. During this event, many onlookers noticed that he put his hand on Kate’s back and leg! People took notice of this since this was not common behavior for the couple whatsoever.

A Rarity

A couple of days after this, they attended Prince Eugenie’s royal wedding. The two of them seemed even closer than normal. Kirsten Aiken posted Twitter updates about it. One tweet said, “Commentary team oohs and aahs over an apparently rare PDA by William and Kate (mind you, they’re only holding hands!).”

Body Language

Judi James, a body language interpreter, talked about the pleasant surprise in greater detail. “They managed to outdo Harry and Meghan here,” she explained when she was interviewed by the Daily Mirror. “Kate reached across to place a hand on the arm of her husband’s chair, and he put his own hand over it in a very romantic gesture.

Sweet Smiles

She also discussed the body language that the Duke and Duchess exhibited at the summit. “Kate seems to have increased in confidence here at their first public outing together since the birth, and William is unusually tactile, flashing some sweet “pinging” smiles at his wife to suggest he’s incredibly pleased to have her back at his side.”


What could have led to this change in demeanor between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? James was quoted as saying that it was “prompted by the very tactile displays from Harry and Meghan.”

Hoping To Shine Brighter

Fans of the royal family believe that they feel the need to compete with the younger couple. One tweet said that Kate and William hoped to “upstage” the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

Bad Blood

Rumors say that there is bad blood between the two couples. Anonymous sources claim conflict revolved around the bridesmaid dress Princess Charlotte was going to wear. Apparently Kate cried because of the disagreement they had!

Moving Away

This alleged quarrel between the two Duchesses made headlines. In November 2018, the press reported that Harry and Meghan were leaving Kensington Palace. An anonymous source said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to do this after another feud between the sisters-in-law.

Not Getting Along

A source claims the problem was not actually between Kate and Meghan. This person claimed that William and Harry are the ones who have been fighting.

From Different Worlds

A person who said they were a “close friend of the Cambridges” claimed that Kate and Meghan do not really see eye to eye. “Kate and Meghan are very different people. They don’t really get on,” they said. Considering their different backgrounds, this is not surprising..

Behind Closed Doors

Most of the articles about the Windsor family will only revolve around the public displays of affection and the body language that they exhibit.

Bonding Between Ladies

Take a look at the body language they display in this photo. Meghan and Kate seemed happy together, as did everyone else. Was this for the sake of the cameras? According to body language experts, this did not sound likely. “See how they’re laughing [and] how they’re all walking in sync?” a specialist named Patti Wood explains, “It’s really difficult to do that if you really, really don’t like somebody.

The Significance Of Accessories

Did you know that you can learn things from accessories as well? If one holds the bag with the hand closer to her husband, it probably means they want to distance themselves a little from her partner.

A Good Sign

look at Kate in this photograph as an example. She wasn’t holding hands with her husband. Her bag right between the two of them. Experts said this meant good things for her relationship with her sister-in-law, who is positioned on her other side.

Making An Effort

Body language experts take their grip on their accessories into consideration? Look at the stance that Kate had in the photo below. She did not link hands with William instead she chose to use that hand for her clutch purse instead. This gave her the opportunity to interact more with Meghan. She displayed an openness with Meghan using this position.

Mere Speculation

In 2019, the pair became the topic of headlines due to alleged fights between the two. Reports piqued the interest of Sarah Ferguson! The Duchess of York, better known as Fergie, decided to speak her mind last February.

Always Compared

Remember how people used to be compared to Princess Diana far too much. She decided to compose an open letter about her feelings on internet speculation. Here is an excerpt from it: “It seems that online, anything goes.”

Pitting Women Against Each Other

Women, in particular, are constantly pitted against and compared with [one another] in a way that reminds me of how people tried to portray Diana and me all the time as rivals, which is something neither of us ever really felt,” Fergie explained.

She continued, “People feel licensed to say things online that they would never dream of saying to someone’s face. And that encourages others to pile in.”

No Concrete Evidence

There is no concrete evidence about the existence of tensions between the Duchesses and the Princes. Truth is that fans and the members of the press simply suspect that this is the case due to the grapevine.

Another Royal Couple

Charles and Camilla still make up the original touchy-feely couple.

Some Tweaks To The Rules

It appears the Royal family have finally decided to catch up with the times.

Changing Times

Penny Junor, said, “Times have changed. Charles is still so besotted with Camilla – even after all these years – that it would be hard for him not to show his natural affection.” They are just human like us after all!

And The Award Goes To

Harry and Meghan certainly deserve an award for the most demonstrative couple of the royal family. They behaved as sweetly as ever when they went on the Australasian royal tour.

Most Affectionate

Harry doesn’t hesitate to hold his pregnant wife’s hand when they travel together. In fact, the two of them did not unlink their arms when it was time for them to politely clap during events!


A Mumsnet user complained about how physically affectionate Harry and Meghan are saying, “For the love of God, could they stop holding hands? They’re not on a date, they’re carrying out official business!”

Growing Even Closer

James said that the shift in the relationship between William and Kate might have something to do with the birth of Prince Louis, “Their smiles together have changed, and their affection and love signals are much more intense and open than ever before, suggesting the birth of their third child has somehow thrown them back into the honeymoon stage.”

Not Just Them

Harry and Meghan appear even more smitten when they are in public! The two stepped out to visit the Whakarewarewa Forest during the royal tour to have a private moment. Harry took a lovely photo of his pregnant wife!

Thanks To The Kids

Maybe it is a rule that couples begin to act even closer when they have a new child! No matter how long you have been together, you can spice things up with a baby.

Doesn’t Mean Anything

While William and Kate are less demonstrative about their feelings, we have no doubt that the two of them adore each other.

Over 70 Years

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip do not make a lot of physical contact in public they have been together for over seventy years by now. This shows PDA is not a requirement for a successful relationship.

The Kids Included

Its uncommon to see royal couples get all touchy-feely. History shows that this does not happen all that often.

Parents And Kids

When Prince Charles was only five years old when his parents left him behind to travel for six months. Once they returned, he was greeted with a handshake instead of hugs.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana would take little Prince William with her on tour which was considered to be a very bold move. This move only made her a more likeable as she related to the members of the public!

Affectionate Royal

Diana always made sure to kneel down whenever she interacted with children to make sure that she was eye to eye with them. Ingrid Seward, a writer for Majety, explained, “The royal family used to say that everyone had to be deferential to them. But Diana said, ‘If someone [could] be nervous of you, or you’re speaking to a very young child or a sick person, get yourself on their level.’”

With Their Children

Kate and William don’t have a problem showing their children affection. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hold their kids’ hands, play with them, bring them anywhere, and laugh together even during inappropriate moments. TIn 2017, the entire family were caught on a balcony during the Trooping the Color ceremony having a laugh together.

Parenting Style

William and Kate want the kids to talk to them whenever they want to. In 2017, William said, “Catherine and I are clear that we want both George and Charlotte to grow up feeling able to talk about their emotions and feelings.”

Communication Is Key

Over the past year, [Kate and I] have visited a number of schools together where we have been amazed listening to children talk about some quite difficult subjects in a really clear and emotionally articulate way – something most adults would struggle with,” he said during the same interview.

New Generation

Seeing [these children] has really given me hope that things are changing and that there is a generation coming up who find it normal to talk openly about their emotions. Emotional intelligence is key for us all to deal with the complexities of life and relationships,” the Duke went on.

Just Be Kids

No doubt Kate and William will speak to their kids about affectionate displays when the time comes. In the meantime, they just want them to enjoy being children.

New Parents

Perhaps Kate and William have decided to be more physically affectionate in public because of Meghan and Harry?

Kneeling Down

Harry and Meghan have taken a leaf from Princess Diana’s book! This is a good sign that both are on the right track to becoming great parents.

Their Own Child.

Do you think they will continue to be touchy-feely now that they are busy raising a child of their own?

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