Gymnast walks onto mat, performs routine that is now 2019’s most watched sports video

Even though Katelyn Ohashi has achieved a lot of amazing things throughout her career, her recent daring gymnastics routine is gaining her quiet a lot of attention.

In 2019, Katelyn Ohashi turned 22 and most students her age are busy with college life. However that’s not the case with Ohashi. She has achieved five gold medals at the Jr. Pacific Rim Championships, a gold one at the FIG World Cup and two golds and two bronzes at the NCAA championships all thanks to her gymnastic career.

Katelyn is quickly becoming one of the most famous athletes in the world at the moment.

Think again if you thought that soccer, football, baseball are the most successful sports video clips of 2019.

The most viewed sports clip of 2019 so far Ohashi’s video routine which are outshone any other sports snippet.

The video which was uploaded in YouTube in January and has over 41 million views to date.

You might also wonder about the reason behind the popularity of this video?

Ohashi moves to Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel as she flies through the air.

Her amazing acrobatic feats that she performing, but the enthusiastic way she’s doing it.

Her smiles between jumps depicts how happy she is throughout the performance in the video.

The crowd scream when she finishes her routine and the judges give her a perfect 10.0.

The video also became popular because its a distraction from the current climate.

Perhaps people just want to see someone being happy and graceful without any controversy or negativity particularly form the world of politics.

You might wonder if Ohashi will achieve this again, well the answer is yes she already has.

In March she was performing at an event in Oklahoma and that’s when her seventh perfect 10.0 came in, looks like 2019 is certainly going to be this young lady’s year.

You can see her performing to another Michael Jackson hit and delivering a similarly spectacular routine. The girl has worked hard to become one of the world’s greatest athletes.

Although she has suffered a range of injuries throughout her career she still managed to achieve her goal, despite people attempting to put her off of gymnastics for a while.

Recently, she explained  how certain people had damaged her self esteem.

“I was told that I didn’t look like a gymnast. I was told that I looked like I swallowed an elephant, or that I looked like a pig.”

Thankfully, Ohashi worked through all these negative voices, listening to positive, optimistic voices who encouraged her to succeed when she enrolled at UCLA.

This has resulted in her being one of the most celebrated athletes of the time and she is making millions of people happy through her work!

Now take a look at her amazing dance routine which is getting so much attention.

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