Grandma takes unfamiliar road home, then grandson discovers something on the ground and freezes to ice

The world we live in today is very different to that of 20 years ago. Technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the past few years, resulting in many of us being attached to a screen of some sort throughout our daily routines. This is why it is important to take heed and pay attention to our surroundings from time to time and not have our eyes glued to a device.

This is exactly what a little boy named Karter did while being driven home from school by his grandmother one day.

Karter’s grandmother inadvertently took a wrong turn which resulted in her taking a new route home, a simple error that would turn out to be a life saving mistake.

Carolyn Cook collected her grandson from school that day and took her normal route home. However, on the way she missed a turn off and ended up taking a totally different route than normal.

Karter was none the wiser his grandma had taken a wrong turn that day. But when she took a shortcut through the parking lot of the home improvement store Lowe’s- the young boy spotted something that made him go limp.

Being only 6-years old, Karter still instinctively knew he needed to take action.

“We have to go back!”

Karter had spotted a man lying on the ground and he seemed to be having trouble breathing. Immediately noticing something was seriously wrong with the man, Karter shouted to his grandmother to slow down and turn around. Carolyn at first thought her grandson was only seeing things, but quickly realized he was very serious about the situation.

“You have to stop. He’s hurt. He’s hurt. We have to go back!” Karter shouted to his grandmother.

Carolyn immediately swung the car around and headed back to the location. Karter and his grandmother immediately jumped and ran to the man’s aid and Carolyn immediately called the emergency services. Another person arrived on scene before the first responders and began performing CPR on the man until they arrived.

The man was then immediately rushed to hospital in an ambulance, and Karter and Carolyn thought that would be the last they heard of the man. As fate would have it, a week later Carolyn received a message via Facebook from the man’s family, who praised them for coming to his aid.

The man had in fact suffered a from a major heart attack. If it had not been for Karter insisting to his grandmother to turn around and help the man, the outcome may have been a lot different. And without their intervention, doctors would not have been able to treat the man in time to save his life.

A mans life was saved that day by a 6-year old being attentive to his surroundings. Karter’s response to what he saw that day saved a life.

“I still get weepy. I’m just thankful. Thankful that God put me in that parking lot when he did,” Karter’s grandmother Carolyn said.

Six-year-old Karter is a real hero! Please Share this article and help us honor his amazing actions that day.

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