Ghislaine Maxwell Sparks Fury With ‘Disgusting’ Gesture in Court as Trial Begins

Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial has commenced and people are seriously angry after her first action in court.

Maxwell has spent a year behind bars on charges of trafficking young girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

Her demeanour in court seems to have ruffled a lot of feathers, particularly due to her “disgusting” gesture as the trial was set to commence.

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In 2005 Jeffrey Epstein was first convicted for a series of different crimes.

Epstein was convicted of running an underage p*********** ring connected to a number of high-powered individuals in 2008 and served just thirteen months for this conviction.

Things only got worse from here on….

On July 6th 2019, Epstein was arrested again for trafficking minors in the states of Florida and New York and was held awaiting trial in a New York prison.

This was a such huge breakthrough for a lot of his victims.

Epstein somehow managed to get away with these criminal acts for most of his life.

Many believed his conviction could uncover other high profile and wealthy sex offenders. He had an elite circle of friends who traveled to his elusive island, where the majority of his crimes took place.

Prince Andrew from the British Royal Family was one in particular.

Naturally many of Epstein’s high-profile friends have denied any involvement in this scandal.

Unfortunately before Epstein had the chance to expose his friends…

He was found in his Manhattan prison cell. 

Jeffrey’s death was ruled as a suicide.

Despite many people have other suspicions about what really happened.

Following his death the investigation seemed to quieten down.

Progress seemed poor that was until the release of Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix brought the entire thing back into the spotlight.

Victims then revealed what they had to endure.

Each of them ave detailed account of being assaulted while giving Epstein and his friends “massages.”

It also includes the involvement of Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and close friend…

Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell hid away from public eye following his death.

Initially she wasn’t reprimanded for her involvement in the scandal.

However in July 2020 Maxwell was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire.

She was brought to a hearing where she was described as a flight risk, so was therefore ordered to remain in custody while being transferred to New York for a detention hearing.

Maxwell was charged with the crimes of enticement of minors and trafficking of underage girls.

There were also other charges she was accused of.

Which included lying about her involvement in the trafficking ring.

Maxwell could be facing thirty-five years in jail if convicted.

Her time in prison hasn’t been easy.

Bobbi Sternheim, her lawyer argued that she is facing tough jail conditions in comparison to inmates convicted of murder or terrorism.

Sternheim said Maxwell is effectively being kept in solitary confinement and is “excessively and invasively” monitored twenty-four hours a day.

There is video surveillance in her cell and cameras follow her movements when permitted to leave it.

Maxwell has appealed for bail multiple times

So far all her requests have been denied.

Her trial has finally started and she seems relaxed about the whole ordeal…

A great deal different than her first public appearance after her arrest, which showed her with greying hair and a black eye.

Earlier this year her lawyer spoke out about her jail condition in the hopes that it could gain her some sympathy.

Although it wasn’t as effective as he had hoped.

On 29th November Sternheim renewed Maxwell’s request for bail ahead of her trial.

Court documents describes Maxwell’s jail as “inappropriate,” 

“The surveillance rivals scenes of Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s incarceration despite the absence of the cage and plastic face guard,” she wrote.

It is unwarranted, unrelenting, and utterly inappropriate,” Sternheim wrote.

“[She] has been subject to physical and emotional abuse by the correction officers, poor and unsanitary living conditions, insufficient nutrition, difficulties reviewing the millions of legal discovery documents in the case against her, and sleep deprivation.”

Maxwell also spoke out herself.

Maxwell says “I used to take a shower every day but I’ve stopped because of the creepy guards who stand close and stare at me the whole time. I used to go to the loo with an open sewer drain and a friendly rat would regularly visit.”

“I told the guards, but nothing was done until the rat popped out and charged a guard who screamed in terror.”

“Finally, the sewer drain was covered.”

But now, the opening arguments of Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial have started and she seems to have a pep in her step…

Maxwell was pictured with freshly dyed hair, a cashmere jumper, black trousers, and heels as she entered the court, a far cry from her orange prison attire.

She could be seen laughing and chatting to her defence lawyers underneath the mask she was wearing…

Everyone was angered by her relaxed attitude which appeared as utterly disgusting.

Ghislaine waved to her sister Isabel who was sitting behind her.

Her actions appear without any remorse which have caused many to feel so angry about the crimes she has been charged with.

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