OMG! We just found the best story for cat lovers (and who isn’t?) A garbage man was throwing bags of trash into his truck, when he saw a tiny kitten trapped inside the compactor. Do not worry though, he was able to save the little guy and what happens next is sure to put a smile on your face.

A garbage man found the cute little critter peering out from inside the Trash compactor on his truck, just before he was going toss another bag of garbage on top of it. What he did next was amazing.

A sanitation worker for the Upper Darby Township Sanitation Department was following his usual rounds one morning not too long ago, when he had a run in that made his job worth the long hours and stinky, backbreaking labor.

The man, Identified only as Mark G., was following behind his garbage truck, and was just about to toss in another load, when all of a sudden, a tiny kitten poked its little head out from inside the truck.


Mark saw the kitten in time though and stopped the machine. Then he called local animal control officials. Shortly thereafter, Providence Animal Center, a Pennsylvania animal rescue agency, took the kitten into their care.

The staff instantly fell in love with this plucky little calico, and decided to name her Grundgetta, in honor of Sesame Street’s Oscar the Grouch. Grundgetta was Oscar’s girlfriend.

Mark G. Says “She was sweet and innocent and didn’t deserve to be treated that way. I’m glad she’s healthy and safe.” And, although he is not able to take the kitten in himself he adds “I was just doing what was right and making sure the cat got safe and the help (she) needs.”

Grundgetta is extremely sweet. When the shelter took her in, she was only 4 weeks old and needed to be bottle fed. “We’re looking to transfer her into a foster home with experience dealing with ‘bottle babies’ and then in 4-5 weeks when she’s old enough, big enough and healthy enough, we’ll place her up for adoption,” said Justina Calgiano, a staff member at the center.

A short time after recovering from life on the streets, the kitten was placed with a foster family, who were able to get her trained in using a litter box, eating food on her own, and being adjusted to life around humans.



As an update, Grundgetta was permanently adopted recently. Her new family has decided to rename her Agatha to release her from the last vestiges of her life on the street.

She has settled in for a nice comfy life with this family. She cuddles with everyone in the family and will never have to worry about eating old food or being crushed in a garbage truck again.

And it is all thanks to a sanitation worker named Mark and the hard working staff of Providence Animal Center.

Have you ever helped resume a stray cat or dog? Have you ever adopted a rescue animal? Please share your thoughts and stories with us here.

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