Four 5th Grade Boys Dress In Onesies. When They Look Up, The Crowd Burst Into Laughter

Children love being entertained and the school talent show is always going to throw up some good laughs. Every child wants to be in the show as well as watch it and compete with each other to be the funniest act in the school. That is why these boys took to the stage to showcase their unique talent this year.
Their act drove the crowd wild, a one of a kind act that will have you rolling around the ground in laughter.

After weeks of practicing their act in the run up to the school talent show, the boys knew they were ready to blow the crowd away. Taking to the stage at New Braunfels Christian Academy talent show their classmates were left with sore tummies by the time the boys were done.
They hide under a big black sheet before the act begin, but once the fabric is lifted the hilariousness begins..

Together, the young men made hilarious puppet like outfits that portrayed them to look like infants wearing face cloths and onesies. When Taylor Swift’s hit tune “Shake It Off” starts to play over the amplifiers, the young men bang out all the moves!
The routine is perfectly choreographed and they have their classmates in fits of laughter the very second they start. As though the senseless moves weren’t sufficient, the fifth graders wear shades and baseball caps to make their routine an unforgettable experience.

Although their use of props is entertaining, it’s the synchronized moves that brings the crowd to their knees with laughter! These four were the feature of the show.
Their imaginative routine has everybody in hysterics. These four aren’t the sort to get this party started, so their act was quiet the surprise.

When the act finally come to an end, the four boys are met with a rousing applause. One thing is for sure these boys are going to be in high demand throughout the school for some time with their comedy genius.
Perhaps there is a future for these four as an act or stand up comedy?? Vegas here they come…

Watch their funny routine in the video below. These young men beyond any doubt do know how to bring the house down!

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