Find the odd one out in less than 10 seconds

Only a few people can get it correctly for the first time – and I understand why. You have to keep an eye on the details and that’s not something everyone has!

You have 10 seconds for each picture, so don’t cheat! If you do, it might get too easy! You have to find the symbol that stands out from the rest!

Find the sun that stands out!

Your challenge now is to find the sun that looks different in this picture! Will you succeed?

Did you manage to find it? The sun in the picture that sticks out!

Below, we’ll show you where it is!

Time for the next challenge!

Same principle here — Find the odd emoticon out

Were you able to find the emoticon that stands out?

Time for the third and final challenge!

In this puzzle, you once again have to find the animal that stands out from the crowd. Personally, I think this one was a little easier!

Can you find it in 10 seconds?

If not, find the right solution for the picture below!

If you were able to find these then please SHARE this with your friends see if they can also try.

Are you bored and think you are a genius? Try out our other riddles below! You won’t be able to solve them! 🙂

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