Feather Brows Is The Newest Beauty Trend During Lockdown.

The beauty world never ceases to surprise me. It feels like there is a new trend every other day and each of them is crazier than the one before. And the latest Insta-trend is “feather brows”.

This bizarre trend had spread, as thousands of others shared their carefully preened peepers.

Now more and more people are jumping on this trend train and sharing the results. Some people love it, some hate it with all their hearts but hey, it’s something new.

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Bigger is definitely better when it comes to creating feather brows.

The bold look has caused a stir on social media with everyone having a go at creating the look.

If the trend wasn’t bold enough already, some people are even adding coloured eyeliner and eyeshadow to their feather brows.

Even without thick, dark coloured eyebrows, it is possible to create the look and it seems that everyone is having a go.

Love it or hate it, there are now almost 50,000 posts on Instagram of people trying out what could just be the next big thing.

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