Family moves away, neighbor makes terrible find on a couch they abandoned

A family in Phoenix packed up all their belongings and simply moved away, but left somebody behind that has everybody up in revolt.

Just a day after the family drove away, their neighbor made a startling discovery; they had left their three-year-old pit bull on their abandoned couch. This report was made by the ABC15 Arizona and the interview was taken of the neighbor about the situation. A photograph of the dog was also uploaded to Facebook, and it has been shared more than 3000 times since January 2016.

Amy Nelson, the uploader has mentioned the name of the family by saying that they have placed their garbage on the curb, and this also included their family dog which has now been taken to the MA CC animal shelter.

As soon as the picture started making its rounds all over the Internet, the viewers started reaching out to help. ABC15 reported that the puppy was transferred to the Arizona Humane Society and they have been overwhelmed with calls from people all across the country that wants to lend a helping hand. “Everybody wants to step into the picture, and help,” mentioned an animal control services expert to ABC15.

Although, it is expected that the family would face animal cruelty charges due to leaving their dog behind, it is still unclear whether any investigations are expected, according to the latest reports in the media.

According to the latest report, the three-year-old pit bull is still up for adoption. However, looking at the attention that this picture has garnered, one would be willing to bet that he would end up in a nice home.


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