Every Night he Puts a Wet Towel on the Window. From now on, You Will do the Same! Read These 6 Incredible Tricks

There are various problems which are created due to the hot summer nights, most of which is related to sleeping. Well, having an air conditioner would be the smartest thing. However, it is not a very cheap investment. With the six tricks given below, you would be able to save money as well as sleep well.

1. Keeping a pillow in the fridge

It may sound awkward, but it definitely works! We are always turning around the below to search for the cold side during our sleep, so why not have both sides cold already?

2. Putting a wet towel in the window

When you open up the window, put a wet towel as it will be able to work like a natural conditioner during the nighttime.

3. Put ice cubes on the front of the ventilator

When you want to cool the room before you fall asleep, put a small plate that is filled with ice cubes in front of the ventilator.

4. Get rid of any sources of heat in the room

If possible, to reduce the heat generated in the room, remove all the electronic devices, particularly if they are charging, since they transmit unnecessary heat to the entirety of the room.

5. Use cold bath tub for your feet

If the mandatory one cold bath does not cool you off, it certainly can help you to fall asleep. When you cool your legs, it leads to an automatic reaction from within the human body. It will strengthen the circulation towards the lower part of the body; thereby it will be able to warm you up. This will provide a calming reaction to the entirety of the body, helping you to fall asleep.

6. Using wet socks

In the hot nights, wet socks will keep you refreshed. Just put the socks in the freezer, and put them on before you go to sleep. You have a whole night of enjoyment in front of you.


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