Elderly Jihadi Grandfather Trains 4 Year Old Orphan Children To Be Suicide Bombers In Sickening New Scenes

Horrific details have emerged of orphan children as young as 4 years old being trained to become suicide bombers by sick elderly Jihadi pensioners.

Whilst Isis is currently on the retreat and losing territory in both Iraq and Syria the sinister Granfatherly figures are seen grooming young children to become so called Martyrs and be ready to blow themselves up in suicide attacks.

Children are seen wrapping mock suicide vests around their bodies and made to carry out training in how to best attack their unsuspecting victims.

They are even taken to a market place and brought loose fitting clothes to help conceal the suicide vests in news that will shock parents everywhere.

The orphan children can even be seen repeatedly chanting Allahu Akbar as they are made to watch a sheep being slaughtered.

The brain washed youngsters are given mock weapons and shown how to attack various sites including shops and temples.

It is not known when the scenes were captured but the fear is that these children are already active and poised to carry out attacks which would mark a new low for the terror group.


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