Drunk Driver Passes Out Behind The Wheel. Upon Awaking, He Comes Across The Best Note Ever.

A man going by the Reddit handle Krazy_Legs found a drunken man asleep behind the wheel of a running car at 3 AM.

Just imagine coming home at 3 AM in the morning. You come across a man, fast asleep and behind the wheels of a running car. What do you do? Well, for the generation of today, you quickly take a picture. However, a Redditor from Massachusetts did something more than take a picture; he became an unlikely hero.

The post goes like this: –

He found this person passed out, drunk with the car running just outside the bar at 3 o’clock in the morning. The bar closes at midnight, so when he tried to wake him up, he just kept mumbling and going back to sleep. So, he decided to hide the keys in his back seat, and just in case of police officer came, he left a note in the car along with some water. He understood that a cop might try and arrest him, but at least he did his part.



Well, he’s the hero that this person definitely does not deserve.

It was a nice touch to add a bottle of water in his steering wheel. After all, it would cure any hangover that the person might have had after a heavy night of drinking. Meanwhile, this person, dubbed as the Drunk Knight would stand vigilant and save drunken people from self- harm.

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