Donald Trump States First Actions He’ll Take Immediately After the Election

Donald Trump states once results are announced on Election Day he has a plan of action in place which is going to be wild.

Judging by the polls he appears to be in a favourable position amongst his fellow Americans.

Trump’s nationwide rally tour seems to be winning the votes of those who remain on the fence.

But instead…

He discussed exactly what he intends to do once election ends.

Trump is battling hard to be elected as The President of the United States again and hopes to be victorious.

Joe Biden, his main rival is on a mission of his own to try claim his place as president.

The two candidates are going full steam ahead even with the ongoing pandemic.

This year is possibly the worst for any candidate to be running for president, but here we are.

Things began to heat up a little follow the first round of the debate between Donald and Joe.

Biden seemed to have an obvious lead in the polls prior to the debate.

However, like a true leader Trump came out on top.

As the debate approached, rumours of Biden’s dementia surfaced where it became know that he was taking performance-enhancing drugs.

The debate lasted a total of 90 minutes and was aired on Fox News.

Each man tried to get the better of the other by demeaning their actions constantly interrupting each other.

This debate seemed to be taken personal..

Viewers didn’t seem to appear all that impressed with the comments that floated around on social media.

This election shapes the future of our country…

American people are feeling hopeful about the election.

In the meantime, Donald Trump had other things to battle.

When The President and the First Lady, Melania, tested positive for COVID-19 things weren’t looking favourable.

However, Trump and Melania self-isolated immediately but he was later hospitalised at Walter Reed National Military Centre.

There was huge concern regarding Trump’s health…

Within a number of days he was starting to recover and even announced we hace to “learn to live with COVID”

As a result the next round of the presidential debate was postponed

Candidates continued their own events to gain additional voters.

Trump insists he is “feeling better than ever”…

He continued to travel the country in order to promote his re-election.

Looking at the number gathered together it would make you question the pandemic.

Going against all precautions, Trump encourages his followers to gather and meet him while flying around the country.

It was his only option with the election getting closer.

The president encouraged supporters to attend his rallies as there is “nothing to worry about” in relation to the pandemic. This would make him appear controversial.

Despite the large crowds of supporters attending his rallies…

The president seems to feel pressure.

He constantly posts tweets which are aimed directly at Biden…

Trump is doing everything in his power to win over the people.

However he had hoped it would go better for him.

Particularly when a full investigation occurred to determine if the president was tweeting the truth.

And lo and behold, he wasn’t.

Multiple media outlets reported that the statement to which Trump was referring to was actually a quote by his former rival, Hillary Clinton.

His rallies appear to be as chaotic as his tweets…

Judging how 2020 is going so far what more can we expect.


Trump is confident about his re-election and some polls look to be in his favour.

Biden leads in other states.

Is his confidence alarming, with all the setbacks leading up to the election.

President Trump spoke about his plans following his reelection.

Following his discussion regarding mail-in ballots he announced that his plans will be immediately actioned once voting ceases, people were left a little confused.

I think it’s a terrible thing when ballots can be collected after an election,” he remarked.

I think it’s a terrible thing when people or states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over… I think it’s terrible that we can’t know the results of an election on the night of an election.”

Trump feels that the tabulating ballot system was a “terrible decision made by the Supreme Court” and would like the winner of the election to be announced immediately, instead of waiting for the mail-ins to be counted.

I think it was a terrible decision for our country because you’re going to have 1 or 2 or 3 states depending on how it ends up, with their tabulating ballots and the rest of the world is waiting to find out… and I think a lot of fraud and misuse could take place,” he said, strongly suggesting that if Biden wins, it’ll be a fix.

According to Donald Trump… once the election is finished, “We’re going in with our lawyers.”

The president feels dubious about the fairness of this election.

Trump clearly stated he intends to make the transition difficult if he isn’t re-elected, which could be chaotic.

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