Doctors Beg Mom To Reveal What Her Dying 2-Year-Old Ate. When She Finally Does? LOCK HER UP FOR LIFE

When a mom from Louisiana did confess that her 2 year old daughter consumed methamphetamine accidentally, she was arrested immediately by the local authorities.

Gonzales Police Department, in a press report has mentioned that Tyler Dauzat, the 21 year old mother was put behind the bard for cruelty and negligent injuring juveniles in the past weekend.

It was Tyler who rushed her child to the hospital after she saw that the child was displaying some erratic behavior, mentioned Sgt Steven Nethken.

However, since the mother was not willing to give the authorities more details, the doctors had ordered a blood test on the child to diagnose the problem.

The results revealed that the child had very high levels of meth in her body, which would be fatal.

The police were called to the scene and started questioning the mother. She broke down during the interrogation and mentioned she had left her child with her purse, which contained a lot of crystal meth.

At first Dauzat refused to co-operate with the authorities, even though the life of her child was in peril.

The child was in a terrible condition, and the doctors had to first stabilize her before she could be transferred to the pediatric unit in some other hospital.

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services is now considering if Dauzat should be allowed to retain custody of her other two children, notably of ages 2 and 4.

Do you believe such women should be allowed to raise their kids?

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