Doctors Are Clueless What The Bulge Is In Her Head, Quickly Find Out Cause During Surgery

Most of us can feel when a cold is coming on. Our nose starts to tingle or our throat gets sore. If we are able to notice these symptoms then get some rest, we can often beat it back before it takes hold. For me, I always use my neti pot if I feel a cold coming on – it seems to get the germs right out of my nasal cavity.

But have you ever felt like something was off about your body but you couldn’t tell exactly what it is? You might not even be able to tell your doctor what you’re feeling. Often in cases like this, specialists are called in to handle the complicated problem. Nita Juggi, who is a little girl living in India, had severe medical problem buts couldn’t figure out what was causing them.
She went to numerous doctors who all failed to figure out her problem. But when one finally put his finger on what was wrong with her, the truth was more disturbing than anyone had imagined.

For two years, Nita suffered seizures, headaches, and fatigue. She was so weak, Nita could barely lift her hands or move for an extended period of time. Then the right side of her body became paralyzed. If something wasn’t done quickly, she might not have survived.

Nita’s health deteriorated until she wound up in neurosurgeon Dr. Solanki’s office. That’s when he discovered the scary truth.
The young lady had a giant cyst in her head. Then he realized an even more problematic truth – Nita had several tapeworms living inside her head right next to her brain.

The neurosurgeon thinks the cyst had been growing for at least eight to ten years – maybe longer. When he was able to measure it, Dr. Solanki said the cyst was half the size of the woman’s brain.

If it was any closer to her brain, it might have killed her. And if it was allowed to keep growing, she would have died in time.

Because the family lived in a poor, dirty area, the lack of cleanliness likely contributed to the growth of the tapeworms.

In the video below, you can see as the tapeworm cyst comes out of the girl’s head.
The doctor then carries the egg-sac-like cyst away from the operating table. What he does with it is a mystery.

To prevent these problems, Dr. Solanki suggests practicing good hygiene. Wash your hands and shower frequently. Drink fresh water.

Here are some comments from readers like you who shared their views online:

“How is she able to function as a normal human being? This cyst is larger than her brain! She should’ve been brain-dead or something…”

“That’s the miracle of the Human brain that it can be squashed up like a sponge and still work perfectly well.”

“You can see a layer of tissue between the cyst and the brain tissue. While it is hard to see, this may be in a ventricle.. At any rate it was separated from the brain tissue itself by the connective tissue. The brain tissue has been compressed and looks flatter than usual. Amazingly, the brain is able to develop with normal function when this happens while the brain is developing.”

What do you think about this brain cyst?

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