Doctor Sees Another Baby Appear In Ultrasound, But Mom Is Shocked To Learn What It Is

Mother nature designed our bodies to work in certain ways. Take for example when a woman becomes pregnant, she will not ovulate until the cycle has ended and she has given birth. Kate Hill however has defied mother nature by conceiving while pregnant.

How? You will ask yourself. The answer has left many leading gynecologists baffledKate and Peter Hill who hail from Brisbane, Australia. For years they had tried to concieve but on every attempt they were met with failure. They both decided to get a thorough check up and in 2006 Kate was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, an endocrine system disorder that had made it impossible for Kate to get pregnant.

Kate underwent hormone treatment, which can help women conceive under these circumstances. Soon after the treatment she received the greatest news possible, Kate was pregnant with twins.Unfortunately during the pregnancy, one of the twins stopped developing, Kate did however give birth to a beautiful baby girl. A few days after the pregnancy Kate underwent an ultra sound, to everyone’s shock she was found to be carrying another child. This child however had been conceived during her pregnancy. Dr. Brad Armstrong of Greenslope’s Private Hospital was absolutely baffled. In all his years of practicing medicine, he had never seen a case like this before. But there was something else about Kate’s pregnancy that made it even more surprising.

Watch the video below to see how Kate and Peter Hill’s story unfolds.

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