Do Babies Have Knees Or Kneecaps When They Are Born?

People often hear the question about babies having no knees or kneecaps when they are born. Many question if its fact or fiction. But there is actually some proof behind this claim and you might find it very interesting

The reason that young babies are actually born without kneecaps is to do with reproduction. If they were actually born with kneecaps it would be almost impossible for them to come out of the birth canal. Can you imagine trying to fit through a tiny space and you have bony, hard and sharp kneecaps. I don’t think it would be ideal for mommy either.

As babies get older they start to grow cartilage and this helps their kneecaps and knees form. It’s a long process and sometimes it takes up to 4 years for the knees and kneecaps to full form. This is why doctors would always keep an eye on the child’s knees and kneecaps to see if they have any issues when they are growing up.

Legs of newborn baby

Many children have often run into difficulty as their knees are forming and end up having to go for life changing operations. This is only very rare!

Now so there you have it. Children are born without knees and kneecaps! We hope you enjoyed this article and please feel free to read down below and browse the rest of our website.

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