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DID YOU KNOW YOUR ENERGY DRINKS CONTAIN ‘BULL URINE & SEMEN’The energy drinks that you consume contain ingredients which are extracted from the urine and semen of bulls. When a study was conducted by the Longhorn Cattle Company on some of the energy drink brands like red Bull, monster, etc, the result is that they uncovered is definitely going to leave your stomach in a knot. They have found out that these drinks in reality do contain bull semen.

Taurine is the name of the ingredient that has been in the eye of the storm. Derived from the Latin name Taurus; it was first to be found in the bile of an ox, by the Australian scientists Friedrich Tiedemann and Leopold Gmelon. It is more often than not called amino acid, and it is prevalent in scientific literature. However, due to the lack of the carboxyl group it is not known as an amino acid. It is typically to be found in the livers of bulls, as well as in their semen and urine. One thing can be truly said is that this Taurine, which is found in energy drinks are generally taken from such sources.


Taurine is generally known as a byproduct from the testicles of bulls. It is not vegetarian friendly, and it is generously found in the bile of a bull as well as breast milk. The above video mentions how this particular product is extracted from the bull. It was filmed by the employee of a company that supplies such kind of ingredients to energy drink companies. The video was leaked, and had been kept under wraps for a very long time. Later, the employee was fired for violating the company policy.

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