Despite all the warnings, the couple was determined to find out more about the girl

Bernie and Dianes incredible life story inspiring reminds us how important it is to be loving towards others.

They have raised five boys who are adults now so have to welcome a child in need into their home. After attending a adoption event Diane was drawn to a picture of this young girl with dark eyes.

Thinking back she recalls the feeling that child was meant to be their daughter.

The Girl In The Window. Policeman Mark Holste from Florida, USA will never forgot the call he received on July 13th, 2005. A man reported seeing a mysterious, pale little girl in the window of his neighbour’s house.

However, once they showed interest in learning more about the girl, the caseworkers told them they should explore other options. But this didn’t stop this couple from their intention to get to know that girl better.

Despite the caseworkers explaining how the girl Danielle, was abused and neglected up to the age of seven. The young girl was locked in her mothers house in Florida and had never seen the light of day. Danielle wasn’t able to speak or eat solid foods and she slept on a soiled mattress.

In 2007, peple were shocked when the details of her case were revealed to the public. Danielle’s mother lost parental rights as her was transferred to a home.

Detective Mark Holste recalls the moment his coworkers located Danielle. “I’ve been in law enforcement for twenty seven years now, and this is by far the worst case of child neglect I’ve ever come across in my career,” he commented on the case.

Bernie and Diane insisted on adopting the young girl after hearing her story. They provided her with attention and the devotion which helped Danielle overcome her behavioural and developmental issues.

The couple were aware it would be tough in the beginning bit knew it would all be worth it when the young girl would open up and reach out to them.

Danielle made huge progress with the support and the encouragement of her adoptive parents. This story would make you realise that with a little bit of love miracles really do happen. 

Take a look at Bernie and Diane’s testimonies in the video below 

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